Wii / Mii Conclusion (and How to Make a Mii Editable)

bbum's Mii

Just a bit ago, I complained about the fact that my Mii’s were no longer editable after Nintendo had fixed my Wii’s bad video problem.

Well, my Mii is now editable. But I still lost all associated game data.

First, how to make a Mii editable:

  • Go to the Mii Channel and transfer the desired Mii to a Wiimote.
  • Grab Mii Transfer and download the Mii file off of the Wiimote. I found that this worked best by turning of the Wii during the transfer.
  • Grab Mii Editor and use it to edit the Mii file. You can grab a portrait of your Mii, too. Mii Editor is an Adobe AIR app and, thus, you’ll see all kinds of fun security warnings and bootstrap installs off the web page.
  • Edit the Wii ID to match the last 4 octets of your Wii’s MAC ID. Or something. The documentation sucks on this. I just created a bogus Mii, slapped it on the WiiMote and used it as a template for the Wii ID for my Mii.
  • Use Mii Transfer to slap the edited Mii back onto your Wiimote.
  • Dive into the Mii Channel and transfer your Mii off the Wiimote. Since the Wii ID changed, it’ll show up as a new Mii. You’ll want to delete the old but that leads to seemingly unavoidable data loss.


Because each Mii has a Mii ID and a Wii ID embedded in it. The combination of the two create a globally unique identifier such that Mii’s can meandor about without risk of IDs colliding.

As Ryan pointed out on the original post, Wii’s with a different Wii ID than the system they are currently visiting cannot be edited and, as a result, cannot be the designated artisan in the Check Mii Out channel.

Back to the data loss: because visiting Mii’s can participate in games on your system, games must store the data keyed on both the Mii ID and the Wii ID.

As soon as you change the Wii ID, game data will no longer be associated with that Mii. Delete the original and the [some?] games will create a random Mii to own that players.

I opted to lose my game data. Clearly Check Mii Out is only but one game where editing your Mii will be requirement; where the Mii used must be “homed” on the Wii participating in the activity.

So, really, about all I saved was my Mii’s über-fantastic design. Which I changed in Mii Editor anyway.

If I correctly analyzed the situation, Nintendo screwed up by using the “meaningful primary key” pattern. The Mii’s unique identifier should be entirely isolated from any other meaningful information. The Wii ID should have remained in an isolated field.

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