Name those Objects! (Round 1)


In response to my “everything drawer” post, my mom sent me these pictures and wrote:

We have an “everything house”, a much larger problem than just an “everything drawer”. We made it through 2 parts of the utility room cabinet.

The two articles below are unknown to us. Do they belong to you? Do you want or need them? Do they do anything? Please reply, tomorrow is trash day.

I haven’t a clue on either one. I’d almost label the wooden block a “Pen Holder”.

Cone filled with concrete?!??! Huh?

Any ideas?

7 Responses to “Name those Objects! (Round 1)”

  1. edwarddes says:

    They wooden block is a game. You are supposed to have a marble that goes into the one external hole, and internal to the block is a maze like structure. The challenge is to get the marble back out once you have lost it inside. That is also why there are all the plugged holes around the outside, those are where there are channels internal to the block.

  2. J$ says:

    The wooden block is a game indeed. I’ve seen the exact same thing, and it apparently came from somewhere in South Asia. The cone is, I believe, simply a presse-papier.

  3. Michael Brundage says:

    The grey cone is a weight for helium balloons. You wrap it in cellophane or other decorative paper, and then tie the paper at the top with ribbon attached to the balloons.

  4. Fitz says:

    Yep. Michael is spot on with the grey cone.

  5. Pope Urban says:

    I can’t figure out the size of the cone relative to the puzzle. I need to be disillusioned.

  6. leeg says:

    No idea what they are, but you might get a phone call from Electronic Arts about misappropriation of the 1990s version of their logo…

  7. ann says:

    A puzzle and a weight for helium balloons….makes PERFECT sense. Though I still think we should cut the wooden thing in half!

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