HD DVD is stupid.

So, it appears to boot to the stupid loading screen whenever this disc is inserted. The extended web enabled content looks kinda cool, though I didn’t bother with it.

The movie, itself, is just flat out gorgeous. But, wow, what a stupid user experience to play the damned disc.

Tonight, we dropped Transformers (HD DVD) into the HD DVD player to check out the amazing awesomeness supposedly contained within.

No such luck.

The stupid disc booted to a stupid “updating advanced web content” screen.

And then it sat there.

Only indication that someone was going on was the silly horizontal rule would occasionally have a rolling highlight.

But nothing happened. Not after 2 minutes, not after 20.

But, hey! There is a [CANCEL] button.

Except that there is no cancel button on the remote, nor does the UI respond to any random key-presses on the remote, nor does it do anything when you hit OK.

Or, maybe it does? Eventually, the “loading” UI went away and the movie started.

Looks really really good, too.

But, wow, what an incredibly broken, stupid, and horribly designed user experience.

This generation of media will hopefully die a quick death. I can’t imagine Blu-ray is worse, but it doesn’t sound like a party either.

I’m very much looking forward to the Apple TV software update. Depending on the experience, Netflix will either be downgraded by a disc or eliminated entirely.

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  1. Robert 'Groby' Blum says:

    I had high hopes for Apple’s movie rentals, too, but there are a few things that will keep me with Netflix right now

    1) The selection Apple has right now is *crap*. There are a total of 20 or so movies right now.
    2) Price point. I tend to watch a lot of movies – even if some of them only for 15 minutes;) – and I’d be out a lot more than the twenty bucks I pay Netflix at the moment
    3) The UI. iTunes rental store right now is a disaster. It’s incredibly difficult to find things you like. Netflix is way ahead there.
    4) Community – the ratings provided by other Netflix users are quite helpful when you’re looking for new things.

    If I were Steve Jobs, I’d consider buying Netflix – they’ve got the community, they’ve got a better web UI, and they have a media streaming deal already worked out.

  2. Tim Trautmann says:

    I agree with Robert on points 1-3. The iTunes movie selection is pathetic. And they just pulled the only foreign film before I could hit that “rent” button: “The lives of others
    Not sure if buying Netflix is such a good idea though, they’d inherit lots of shipping facilities with DVDs in them. I don’t think Apple wants to be in that kind of business.

  3. bbum says:

    I agree that the community aspects of Netflix are quite interesting, but I’m not sure if it is something that would actually matter to any significantly large chunk of the market.

    Price point? Seems like it is priced right in line with the various pay-per-view type offerings, maybe better.

    As per selection, the selection — though limited — is already better than what I can get on my DirecTV DVR at any given moment. And, of course, this is just the current selection. Even in the week+ since launch, the selection has been quite steadily growing. I suspect that there are quite a few very hot CPUs dedicated to encoding and importing content!

  4. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » HD-DVD Month Three: New Levels Of Suck Achieved. says:

    […] Old school DVDs with more damage play back just fine, including on my HD DVD player. And the user experience sucks; slow to load, mandatory “web updates”, and “unskippable” ads […]

  5. Sian Wood says:

    Bluray is the new standard for the dvd movies, hd dvd player has lost.

    Microsoft will change to Blu-ray.

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