House Colonoscopy Results


We have had sporadic drainage problems with all drains on one side of our house, the side opposite of the sewage outflow to the city’s pipes. When it gets clogged, I shove a hose with a clog blaster on the end through the pipe and have had some success at restoring the flow. Of course, this is no permanent solution.

So, today we had Roto Rooter show up with their $10,000 camera system to do a colonoscopy on the house. Of course, prior to the pipe inspection, Roto Rooter performed the equivalent of a household high colonic by shoving spinning blades through the pipe.

Their camera made it 8 feet into the house before falling out the bottom of our busted main sewage line. Pictured at left. I might have to post a YouTube video as the video is much clearer.

Now, coincidentally, 8 feet in from that particular outside wall of the is the kitchen island composed of 6 cabinets, the stove, and the oven. Actually, the hole in the pipe is exactly below the very middle of the kitchen island. Exactly.

How convenient….


And, of course, when I was clog blasting, the actual clog is about 20 feet beyond that particular break in the pipe. We’ll have to repair the pipe at the 8 foot mark to be able to shove the camera beyond to find whatever the real problem is quite a bit further down the line (hoping, of course, that there isn’t some other catastrophic broken pipeness in between).

To further complicate matters, we have radiant heat that will have to be repaired anywhere where we have to dig through the slab to fix the sewer pipe at the bottom.


This weekend, Ben and I are likely going to head to Fry’s to throw together our own pipe violator camera unit. Should be able to do so for sub $100.

4 Responses to “House Colonoscopy Results”

  1. Papa Joe says:

    …and so it begins…

  2. Scott Anguish says:

    First, EWWWWW.

    Second, Home Depot sells a camera that is purpose built for this (The Eye-See-Snake). $199 including the hand-held viewer. it’s only 3 feet long, and only the head unit and cable are waterproof, but I have no doubt that you and Adam can build an extender cable for it.

  3. annbb says:

    I cannot tell you how exciting it is to deal with sewage issues. You haven’t lived until you have raw sewage flowing down your driveway. A heady experience!

    Well, you said you were renovating your kitchen…looks like it will be sooner rather than later!


    P.S. Crabtacular here we come!!!

  4. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Hole in Pipe? Remodel 1/2 the House! says:

    […] It didn’t go well. […]

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