In the last week, I received two very cool packages in the mail.

The first to arrive was my lemur from Mike Lee. While avoiding a sharp kick in the gonads (as threatened by Wil, anyway) was certainly a motivator, I joined Club Thievey primarily because Madagascar is a terribly cool place (that I hope to visit with my son), nature is an awesomely cool thing (of which I hope there is some left when my son grows up), we should all be doing our part to help out (both locally and occasionally throwing $$ at the abstract), and Mike is just one genuinely really nice dude (or 2.5 * dude, as it were).

And it was also because I have a coincidental soft spot in my heart for lemurs. In college, my frat — yes, I was in a frat, but it was the anti-frat… hazing not allowed, most honorable bunch of folk around, zero tolerance rape policy (sad to even have to say that, but I wouldn’t have been there unless it were true), etc… — participated in buggy races.

Anyway, we had a series of buggies named after various critters such as Jerboa and Lemur.

At the time, a bit of research revealed that these are some damned cool critters often living in some challenging areas of the world. Thus, lemurs have been of interest to me for over a decade.


The second Very Cool Package to arrive was a kit from the fine folks at Evil Mad Science, LLC. You might know them better as the folks behind Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories or the Folks that Built a Device to Print in 3D using Sugar.

Or the interactive LED coffee table.

Or the Cylon-o-Lantern.

Or the LED Menorah kits.

You get the idea– EMS is a small pocket of originality and brilliance in this world of conformity and the mundane.

Better yet, EMS has learned all about sharing. Much of what the crew does is available as plans, as source, and — in this case — kits.

Having met the EMS folks at Maker Faire and witnessing their attention to detail both first hand and through their weblog, I picked up a couple of their electronic kits.

What, exactly, they do will be revealed in the near future.

What I can say — and what my-as-yet-unnamed-lemur has confirmed — is that EMS’s electronic kits are amazing. Awesome. Complete.

I grew up building Heathkit based kits.

While Heathkit certainly had the “mass produced, optimized assembly” game down pat, the kits lacked variance or originality. It was pretty much “build this, it’ll do that, have a nice day”.

Not so with the EMS kits. Whereas they include very simple to follow and thorough instructions, the kits also include notes on modifications, alternative builds depending on eventual purpose, etc… all packaged up very neatly as a set of high quality components and one flat out beautiful printed circuit board.

Very cool — I look forward to building more EMS derived bits o’ technology in the future.

Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time.

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4 Responses to “Lemurtronics!”

  1. Craig Hockenberry says:

    Which kit is that pictured in the photos? Couldn’t find it on the EMS site…


  2. Amie says:

    Yup, we came by our lemur fascination honestly, didn’t we? Heck, we even did a lemur art exhibit last year. Thanks for the heads-up on Club Thievery & their lemur project!

    So–inquiring minds want to know what you’re building, and if the two are going to mind meld into some maker-faire-worthy innovation.

  3. spribyl says:


    After many years away, I just put together a FM25B FM transmitter kit from Ramsey electronics.
    Now, I have an FM radio station connected to my computer.
    As the smell of molten rosin and solder.

    Now, I need to build a radar gun.

  4. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » MMm…. the smell of hot solder in the evening. says:

    […] This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Amazon.com Widgets « Lemurtronics! […]

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