City of San Jose; Intertubes? What are them? Sounds ‘xpensive.

San Jose Museum of Art 17

We visited the San Jose Museum of Art over the weekend. Roger totally dug it; sketching various scenes that he found inspiring.

Of course, we ended up with a $28 parking ticket. No surprises there. I mean, we parked in a marked parking space that had no parking limitation signs on Saturday near a meter that had no documented weekend rates are anything.

Obviously, a city that is trying to attract more tourists and more nearby residents would make accessibility to the downtown as easy and painless as possible. And a complete lack of posted parking policy is a BIG help. So is the total lack of grocery stores or other services that are necessary to support residents.

But I digress (and fully admit that it was my fault for not assuming that the city wouldn’t maximize revenue opportunities).

So, I went to pay the parking ticket online. Clearly, a city at the heart of silicon valley in the proactively environmental state of California will have an online payment system!

Sure does! And the fine City of San Jose will charge you $3 for the privilege of paying via their web site. Let’s see — $3 surcharge for a transaction that involves no paper, no illegible handwriting, no check processing, and less bookkeeping? Makes perfect sense.


So, I’ll just pay that damned ticket via online banking.

Uh, no. The Fine City of San Jose effectively requires that you submit your Parking Violation payment with the Parking Violation Ticket itself.

No online banking for you!

Clearly, the City of San Jose hates them pesky trees.

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3 Responses to “City of San Jose; Intertubes? What are them? Sounds ‘xpensive.”

  1. ExitToShell says:

    The great thing about trees is that, if you wait long enough, they grow back. The sting you feel when paying your parking ticket is largely self-inflicted as Californians are the most heavily regulated people in the country (usually to benefit The Children, The Environment or The Poor). That limited government thing those wacky true conservatives talk about is intended to reduce the daily hassle government at all levels imposes on the citizens and stick the stuff it was originally meant to handle, instead of burying citizens in regulations and fines and restrictions.

  2. Mike Thole says:

    For what its worth, I’ve had mostly good experiences parking in San Jose, especially when contrasted with SF. I recommend just always parking in one of the (usually free) garages, pointed to by many big ‘P’ signs throughout the downtown area. I almost always part in the garage on Market Street at Santa Clara… it is usually free, although they may just recently upped it to a $2 flat fee, which is still fine by me. The San Jose Art Museum and Tech Museum are just a short walk down on Market.

    I agree totally regarding the surcharge for paying your parking ticket online! I think that charge may actually be from the company that provides online parking ticketing services (, not from the city of San Jose itself. If that is the case, it makes a little more sense, but is still not ideal.

  3. NeoGeo says:

    @ ExitToShell
    what total crap

    Self-inflicted? Since when is a government of the people for the people not a sign of a functioning democracy? Oh yes when it is controlled by those with the money (conservatives) who love to privatize the profit and social the costs.

    That bastion of liberal demagogy—Nevada—has remarkable similar stupidities. One staunchly republican controlled county returns 11 day late tax payment checks telling you they want you to write a new check and add in the late penalty yourself—they can not accept a “partial payment” so rip up the check. Oh yes, you now have another 89 days before you need to send in your delinquent payment + penalty! WTF?

    But dig a little deeper and you’ll find the real cause. Fiscal irresponsibility by the the fiscally endowed: in “cutting the fat” they obligate the county to use 30 year payment system that will not allow them to do partial payments… never mind accept credit cards or use that Gore promoted modern thing called the “internet” because the fiscal tight asses think that any sort of government expenditure is wasteful.

    The only thing a “true conservative” talks about is their own self-interest.

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