Aperture 2.0 on Shrooms

Yard Mushrooms

At left is a big pile of mushrooms that Roger found in our yard after a heavy rain. That rather large pile pretty much shot out of the ground overnight, as far as we could tell.

As we wandered about, we realized it was but one of many piles of shrooms of similar magnitude in around our house and, even, in the neighborhood.

Fungus is awesome stuff. Lurking about under the soil until the fruiting conditions are just right and then — boom — shroom city!

I reprocessed this particular photo with Aperture 2.0 using the RAW 2.0 processor combined with the various other tools. The results are far, far more pleasing (to me) than anything I could have done with Aperture 1.x.

Awesome update. Congratulations and a huge thank you to the team that worked so hard on it!!

Lights in the Sky?

This was the first photo that I shoved through the Aperture 2.0 pipeline. I really wasn’t happy with what I could do with it in Aperture 1.x; it just didn’t feel right.

It was striking how different the result was from simply switching to the 2.0 RAW processor. The background was brighter and there was considerably more gradation in the color fringes on the out-of-focus lights. From there, I could increase the contrast and still maintain the shades of white on the lights.

Or something like that. I’m pretty clueless about this stuff, but I totally dig Aperture 2.0. It just feels more efficient and more effective.

One Response to “Aperture 2.0 on Shrooms”

  1. rama says:

    curious how it compares to adobe lightroom- have you played with both?

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