Spring Flowers: Thermonuclear Orange Poppy

Orange Poppy Flower

Roger and I took a walk around the neighborhood today. As we move later in February, the flowers in the bay area are just starting to bloom.

Some flowers like to get a jump on the pollination competition by exploding with color.

This is a poppy that is growing in our neighbor’s yard. Her husband was a horticulturist at a local university and her yard is just full of rare native and non-native species.

Talk about orange.

Orange Poppie Flower Detail

No, really, I mean orange.

This poppy is like a little thermonuclear charge of bright pigment exploding in her yard.

The fuzzy melty yellow lump right in the middle of the flower is an awesome bit of design work. At the largest size, it looks like a hairy yellow starfish crawling around some black speckled coral.

Totally alien. I totally dig it.

6 Responses to “Spring Flowers: Thermonuclear Orange Poppy”

  1. Stefan Seiz says:

    Aaaaaahhh, Poppies. My Favourite. I love them. Especially since they’re so volatile. You’ll have to wait a whole year for just some days of blossom.

    Here are the ones from my garden (taken with a cheap point and shoot – not a fency SLR like yours). This year’s i am hoping to get with my new Leica D-Lux 3 – hopefully – as the blossom often is during WWDC when i am abroad.

  2. bbum says:

    That is a gorgeous poppy, Stefan. Thanks!

  3. Stefan Seiz says:

    Yeah, they are. Realize how even the Ants seem to love them.

  4. Stefan Seiz says:

    Talking about thermo nuclear, i just found a couple more pics from 2006:

  5. annbb says:

    I’m envious! We only have about a 1/2″ of foliage showing on our crucos and daffodils. That’s it. But what do I care – we’ll be out with the Bum’s this Wed. and I can enjoy all the bloomage.
    Bill, as usual, your pictures are glorious. Stefan, your’s are too.
    Thank you both for bringing me a much-needed dose of Spring.

    xobbum’s big sis, annbb

  6. annbb says:

    that should be CROCUS not curcos. Oops!

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