Daemon (by Leinad Zeraus)

I just finished reading Leinad Zeraus’s book Daemon.

In short, it computer oriented, current themed, science fiction that is the polar opposite of Digital Fortress.

The book strikes an excellent balance between depth of plot and sheer unadulterated action.

I would like to say “fun read”, but that isn’t correct. The store is often brutal, but such brutality makes sense in context.

And the technical side of the book pretty close to dead on without being overwhelmingly pedantic in detail. Where Brown’s Digital Fortress dove into incredible detail of ludicrously incorrect descriptions of technology, Daemon provides fast paced use of network and social hacking terms that the knowledgeable will find appropriate and the ignorant will be able to gloss over without being lost in the story.

The book also does a brilliant job of tieing together various memes from modern computing; bots, DDOSes, MMORPGs and the pervasiveness of databases throughout the modern world.

Great book. If you liked Neuromancer, Snow Crash or Shockwave Rider, you’ll probably dig Daemon.

I’m looking forward to the sequel in November.

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