AVR: Prototype Board Ready for Prototyping Pinball Flippers

EMSL Atmel Board Populated for Prototyping Madness

Ben picked up a ton of SIP machine pin sockets from Halted recently.

I grabbed about 200 from him and populated my EMSL Atmega target board with enough to provide for both on-board prototyping and to easily break out to a bread, board when needed.

Each point accepts a 24 gauge (or so) wire quite nicely. Makes for easy prototyping while not obscuring the documentation silkscreen on the board.

Next up?

I have all the parts needed to replace an entire flipper circuit in any modern Williams/Bally pinball machine.

Thus, I should have enough parts to drive a solenoid or flash-lamp from the AVR micro-controller.

First, though, I’ll flash some LEDs in response to button presses, though. All one voltage and relatively little chance of blowing up chips, bulbs, or shocking myself.

Once that works, I’ll wire up higher voltage / current drivers. I figure I ought to be able to both replace the flipper drivers with a much more maintainable system while also adding some automatic diagnostics that will light some LEDs inside the pinball when the flippers need to be rebuilt or maintained.

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One Response to “AVR: Prototype Board Ready for Prototyping Pinball Flippers”

  1. Dominic says:


    I’d like to say that your ATmegaxx8 board pictures have been an inspiration for me. I have been trying to find the SIP Machine Pin Sockets, but have been unsuccessful (even going to Halted didn’t help). Could you please post a direct link (or send an email: ) to the sockets. Also, do they snap in to the pcb or are they soldered?

    Thanks for the help and inspiration.


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