Fresh Start

So, by now, you are well aware that Sony was charging $150 ($100 for the right version of Vista + $50 for the cleaning service) and that they dropped the $50 charge because, well, it was asinine. Or a mistake.

Not going to go there. What I found interesting is this:

The Fresh Start feature is described on Sony’s site as a system optimization service where specific VAIO applications, trial software and games are removed from your unit prior to shipment.

Once selected, the feature is described in the BTO options (along with anywhere from 1 to 5 “None” items. Huh?) as Fresh Start™ (removal of specific VAIO® applications, trial software and games).

Wait. What? removal? are removed from?

That implies that they were installed in the first place. So, Sony is installing the software and then removing it afterwords?

That seems a bit odd. And potentially error prone. What are the chances that the uninstall process actually uninstalls everything?

Seems odd. I suspect that Sony ended up in this situation because they have a contract somewhere that stipulates what must be installed on their systems. And Fresh Start works by finding a value-add loophole somehow that allows Sony to subsequently remove the bits o’ adware and call it a product.


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2 Responses to “Fresh Start”

  1. Philippe Casgrain says:

    It could also be that their QA department whined. After all, the image that has all the crapware installed probably went through several rounds of intense QA testing which would have to be redone for the new, from-scratch image. It may be a lot easier to remove stuff from a known quantity and then test the differences than to build a whole new one…

  2. Tristan O'Tierney says:

    I have to pay EXTRA money to remove spyware from my machine? Sounds like something a PC manufacturer would do. Completely absurd, but at least they’re starting to realize why Apple’s gobbling up so much of the laptop market now.

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