Truffle Salt

The Maker Faire is always full of surprises.

The fine folks at Far West Fungi had a wonderful display of growing mushrooms, were selling mushroom mini farms, and were sharing a lot of mushroom lore. I’ll definitely be ordering some fresh mushroom products from them in the near future!

On my third pass by their booth in the process of taking a new set of friends on a whirlwind tour of the fair, I noticed they were also selling Truffle Salt.

Coincidentally, my first experience with Truffle Salt was at a dinner party not but a few weeks ago. The menu was a simple combination of fresh broccoli, potatoes-au-gratin, and slow roasted chicken. On the table was a small salt dish containing truffle salt. The food was awesome on its on, but the truffle salt put it right over the top.

So, of course, I grabbed a little pot of truffle salt from Far West! The stuff is awesome! Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt contains 5% dried, powdered, truffles suspended in your basic high quality italian sea salt.

Truffles have an intense flavor to start with; an almost smoky and extremely rich kind of woody flavor.

I made popcorn (on the stove, of course) and used a pinch of truffle salt. What normally would have resulted in about a half of bowl of left over popcorn was entirely devoured.

Awesome stuff. Amazon has Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt at a slightly cheaper price, but the shipping is really high. Amazon also has a Black truffle salt 10%. More truffle for the money, but it might be overwhelming, too!

Update: I found FungusAmongUs Truffle Salt (6% Truffles) sold through Amazon itself and, thus, eligible for Amazon Prime based delivery. I know nothing about this particular truffle salt, but have ordered some to give it a taste test.

Update 2: FungusAmongUs Truffle Salt received! Delicious stuff. Quite significantly more pungent and flavorful than the Casina Rossa product. At half the cost (taking into account shipping), I’ll stick to the FungusAmongUs until something better is found.

Every kitchen should have some!

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4 Responses to “Truffle Salt”

  1. BrainMedley » Blog Archive » Maker Faire ‘08 says:

    […] fire (not this implementation, but same basic idea; I must build one of these!)  Bought some truffle salt and, of course, hauled pinball machines, just to name a few […]

  2. August Trometer says:

    Based on your Amazon find, my FungusAmongus salt arrived today as well. All I can say is, “Wow!” I’m sure this little jar won’t last long. Thanks for the find!

  3. Erik says:

    Yeah – this stuff is awesome. Thanks for the review!

  4. Truffle recipes says:

    that would be good to use on one of the recipes on my site! 🙂

    [Ed: URL fixed; the site does have some really yummy looking recipes.]

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