Roger in Red

Roger in Red

I have been very very busy working on lots of things that I can’t talk about.

Roger is but days away from his 8th birthday. In this photo, he is illuminated by the same LEDs I used to illuminate my self-portrait with a bit of emphasis on the less extreme range of lighting.

I like the result. Captured Roger nicely in one of his rare quiet moments.

Hand in the Eye

I also grabbed an extreme close-up of the LEDs reflected in his eye. You can see the shape of the source of illumination.

2 Responses to “Roger in Red”

  1. clint says:

    that is an amazing shot of his iris!

  2. don delwood says:

    i took the photo of red-bill and put it next to red-roger and studied them both very, very carefully.

    he is a heck of a lot better looking than you – at least in red light.

    wanna try blue light???



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