No leaks!

Roof Sealed and Freshly Rained Upon

A couple of weeks ago, our roof was mighty torn up.

Cutting through the multiple layers of roofing and creating Conduit Canals over the top, obviously the integrity of roof was basically naught.

And, of course, the first rain of the season was to be about 5 days after those torn up photos were taken!

The day before the rains came, the roofing guys came out and filled the channels with foam and then put sealant on top of the foam.

Roof Sealed and Freshly Rained Upon (Flat Part)

One day later?

It rained.

No leaks. Not a one.


Roof Peak with Conduit Canals Filled and Sealed

While inspecting the roof, our contractor indicated that he had found something rather unexpected.

He went above and beyond and repaired a couple of the bubbles in the original foam. Quite literally, some areas of the roof had bubbles in the roofing material that were several inches high. These are fragile and animals tend to like to rip into them. Not good.

Contractor (mostly joking): “One of the bubbles had a hole in it, but was filled with some black stuff. We dug it out entirely and now I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have brought in the biohazard crew. Strangest damned mold I have seen. I think.”.

I just started laughing. That particular bubble had a hole in it and some mice had moved in. I had filled it with that expand-o-foam insulating material. I had chosen the toughest, nastiest, version I could find, the type designed to fill cracks in chimneys and insulated stove pipes.

The foam was black and did look kind of mold like. I told the contractor it was simply toxic waste and not some mutant mold from hell.

He was much reassured.

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