MTV playing MUSIC VIDEOS!?!?!?!

I actually watched when MTV went live. I remember the first video played way back in 1981. Barely.

This it. The Buggles’ performing Video Killed the Radio Star. Great album.

And then MTV became a fairly regular waste of time. I would leave it on in the background and enjoy some tunage while hacking my Apple II or some random electronic bits. Or sit and stare.

After quite a few years of mostly music videos and music events, MTV added some interesting non-video content. Some animated clip shows that were cutting edge and entertaining.

But then they lost their way. Took the “music” out of the TV and filled it with utter crap instead.

However, MTV is back. Only it isn’t on your TV. MTV launched “MTV Music” which appears to be their attempt to build a community based web site. I’ll forgive the redundance in the name, as the site actually focuse on music videos.

And it has an API (well, a bunch of things you can embed, anyway).

Seems a bit passive, actually. Doesn’t really seem to be a “keep streaming videos at me” option.

4 Responses to “MTV playing MUSIC VIDEOS!?!?!?!”

  1. Houman says:

    So what’s holding MTV back from doing something ‘different’ once again? Is it corporate bureaucracy, or are the decision makers so out of touch with their audience. Maybe we’re out of touch with all the 15 and 16 year olds that watch the ridiculous shows on the network. MTV seems like it may be the new disney channel, as far as I’m concerned they blew it and essentially became the visual extension of what happened to radio – it basically force fed the music of crappy artist with lots of record company money down the throats of the masses. It’s unfortunate, but is has allowed internet radio, and indy music labels to thrive once again.

    I was lucky because I always had smarter, wiser people introducing me to good music. From Django to Captain Beefhart to labels like Stones Throw in Los Angeles ( delete if this seems like a shameless plug – I don’t like all their stuff 🙂 )

    On another note, please tell the Macbook guys that I love my Pro – I haven’t enjoyed a machine like this since the titanium was introduced, I finally retired my PB12inch.

  2. Houman says:

    I misspelled Beefheart.

  3. David Evenson says:

    Liquid Television was great. The Young Ones as well.

  4. Amie says:

    I’m trying to figure out how videos end up on this site. I took a look at two of my obscure favourites first: Sigur Ros and Elbow. Sigur Ros technically had 4 videos there, but two of them were different spellings of the same song. Another video had its title truncated. One other unofficial listing for Sigur Ros was some guy’s video introducing a song, but the song did not follow his intro. Weird. Elbow had next to nothing there as well, although they were songs I would have expected to be released in the US.

    So–I went on to bands that should have had a lot there: U2 & Coldplay. U2 had 33, but there were a ton of videos one would expect to be there that were not. Coldplay had 55 videos but the bulk of them were individual songs from VH-1’s Storytellers.

    So. I am left feeling completely confused about how and why videos end up there, or who titles them. Is this crowd sourced? Are interns putting these items up? One would expect an extensive to the point of completeness, legally licensed, high-quality library from Mtv.

    Also, the browsing experience is crap. The back button, which I would expect to take me back to the song list for which I just search, instead takes me to the previous website I was at because apparently this is all ajax single page reload stuff with no true breadcrumb trail.

    Not really sure how this is going to compete with YouTube.

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