Halloween 2008

Chef & Squid

The Holt’s throw an awesome annual Halloween party.

It has two phases; an early phase that is kid friendly and a later phase that is more adult oriented.

Lots of folks bring incredibly tasty food. Things like Scotch Eggs made with quail eggs that were deep fried in duck fat. Or home made spanakopita.

And folks generally go all out for costumes. At left is George with his Awesome Spawn. Sushi anyone?

Mad Scientist!

Ben Holt — host — put together a killer mad scientist costume, including steampunk styled goggles.

He even had a small beaker full of goo with a flashlight that would make it glow.

Not only did Ben not violate the ever important rule of not wearing a custom that blocks your drink hole, but his costume had a built in beer stein!

Family Mario

Christine, Roger, and I did our first Family Theme Costume in the form of the Mario Brothers with Princess Peach!

For me, the only downside was a costume with a gigantic L on my forehead.

Funny, while trick-or-treating this evening, it was about 50/50 between folks that totally got that we were Mario Folk and the rest thinking we might be Joe The Plumber.

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  1. annbb says:

    That sushi chef w/octopus is too cute and very clever.

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