The Mutant Plants of Northern CA

Giant Lemon with Lemon Trees Inside

Before Silicon Valley was silicon valley, the valley was full of orchards from bay to mountains. Even amongst the high technology, there are still pockets of trees and crops.

There is even a small Apple orchard on Apple’s property!

Things grow here. Generally, you just have to add a bit of water and a plant/tree will simply explode with growth! Just about every house older than a decade has one or two citrus trees and a variety of flowering bushes, trees, or plants.

Out of this spawns the occasional mutant. Or just surprisingly large examples of typically small plants.

On the left is a meyer’s lemon that Roger and his friends found on the street. When we sliced it open, some of the seeds had actually sprouted to yield little tiny lemon trees inside the gigantic lemon!

Pile of Sticks? Nope.

During the remodel, we have had a perpetual pile of dirt and debris to one side of the driveway between the bamboo.

Most of the debris has been cleaned up — now all — and as I walked by, I wonder why the heck there was a pile of sticks were left behind.

Those aren’t sticks!

Those are bamboo roots. The bamboo seemed to really dig the pile of debris and, thus, grew roots all over the place underneath the debris.

Bamboo Roots

The roots are pretty neat. The growth habit is pretty much just like the stalks of the bamboo, save for that they are slightly more flexible, don’t grow branches and don’t lose the thin leaf-like sheath.

I cut back the ones on the left a bit to give the plant on the right a bit of a chance to grow a bit before doing battle with the one on the left.

Hopefully, this is a sign that the bamboo is going to kick into overdrive on growth next year. Once it achieves maturity (which typically takes about 5 years), it should grow 30 to 50 foot stalks that are up to 5 inches in diameter!

I fully expect that I’ll have bamboo sprouting from under the driveway or, even, the middle of the atrium any day now.

6 Responses to “The Mutant Plants of Northern CA”

  1. annbb says:

    Keep the photos comin’. Your sis here on the East Coast has a great need for them!

  2. Peter says:

    I love bamboo but I’m always afraid to plant it because it will Take Over The Yard.

  3. James Duncan Davidson says:

    Jeebus. That lemon is downright freaky! I can’t wait to see what happens with the bamboo… Massive takeover in 3, 2, …

  4. Amie says:

    I have mutant vegetation envy! That lemon is pretty amazing. Here’s hoping the bamboo plays nice with the rest of your property.

  5. Joesph says:

    giant lemon, tiny children, or grapefruit… you be the judge.

  6. Dave White says:

    That is one scary lemon. Did it taste ok? Usually when fruit gets really big, the flavor is gone.

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