Kitchen Cabinets Roughed In

Simultaneous with the flooring going in, the construction crew installed cabinets. Actually, the cabinets were roughed in first to ensure that the floor tiles could be cut correctly.

The image at was taken from the top of the bar cabinets between living room and kitchen and shows the island, the refrigerator cabinet, and the big storage cabinet on the left.

Behind the island are cabinets all along the wall. Though not visible in this image, there are now cabinets hanging on the wall in the corner by the fridge cabinet.

(This is actually an HDR image again. Much better than the original images. Would have required massive lighting to expose this properly otherwise, I think.)

Large Cabinet Next To Atrium (with Stained Glass)

The cabinets are rocks solid and the hardware is really nice. Soft close doors/drawers and the slides are top notch. We picked out some curved hardware to go on the front of the cabinets, to tie with the curved handles on the appliances on the curve at the front of the island.

Our friend and professional artist, Trudy, is making custom glass panels for the cabinet doors and custom glass tiles that will be installed in a row along the backsplash over the kitchen counters.

Trudy also made the exquisite stained glass piece seen in this picture. Some detailed images can be found here and here.

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3 Responses to “Cabinets!”

  1. Papa Joe says:

    it is looking great Bill & Chris & Roger. it is all coming together beautifully.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. annbb says:

    More pictures, please!

  3. Forecast Lighting says:

    I really like the dark shade of the cabinets in that room. I would love to see a finished picture.

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