Flooring Finished (and a bit of HDR Photography)…

Living Room looking to Bedroom Wall

The past few weeks, the remodel has been in turbo mode.

Every day, coming home from work reveals yet another item checked off (or nearly so).

A couple of weeks ago, it was the floor tiles. At left is the living room with tiles completed, but not yet grouted in.

The tiles used are 24″x24″ slate tiles that are about 1/2″ thick. I.e. large. And heavy. Each tile ways around 35 lbs.

Thus, each palette of tiles weighed about 2200 lbs.

Kitchen looking into Living Room

The tiling process itself is interesting. The designer and contractor placed a single master tile in the living room such that two living room walls would be flush with the edge of the tiles as they were laid down.

From there, the entire rest of the area to be tiled is laid relative to that single master tile. As a result, there are no seams between rooms. On the downside, the guys had to cut some relatively complex shaped tiles to fit around cabinets and into odd shaped corners.

We decided to go with a non-glossy seal on the tiles. Thus the final, grouted, sealed product looks much like these pictures.

At this point, the floor is complete. There is still tile work to be done as the master bath shower’s walls will be done in the same tile.

Living Room looking to Kitchen

The image at left is shot from the living room into the kitchen.

It is actually an HDR image, created with the Hydra Aperture plug-in from Creaceed. I had a look at Photomatix, but there were too many knobs for my tiny brain to deal with at this time. However, if you really want to dive deep and have lots of control, Photomatix looks like it has a lot of potential.

So far, HDR has proven a mixed bag. I’m only using it to improve the detail of otherwise nasty shots; bring out the detail in the shadows while not blowing out highlighted areas of the scene.

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4 Responses to “Flooring Finished (and a bit of HDR Photography)…”

  1. annbb says:

    It’s looking gorgeous!

  2. Allan says:

    I think you made a wise choice in letting the professionals do the tiling. I’ve tried it and it isn’t easy to get it perfect. The floor looks great.

  3. Van Guy says:

    The HDR picture is interesting in that you can in fact see more of the detail in the shadows as if your eyes had adjusted. But it gets lost when the photo is scaled and viewed on screen. I use a color calibrated 24″ Dell Flat panel so maybe it looks a little better to me than to others. To be honest I’m much less interested in the image from a perspective of looking at the tile… which is not shown well in this one and more interested in the possibilities of creating viewable online images that are taken in low light. Was this shot with a full frame sensor? I know this is less of a photo post than a tile post.. and only God knows for sure how I ended up here… I just did. Had you not mentioned how you created the image I would have just thought it another run of the mill low light picture. I’m currently looking at the new Olympus Pen but not sure I want to dive into the 4/3 sensors… but man what a cool little toy.. comes out next month. Bye

  4. Jason S. says:

    The tiles look absolutely amazing – great photos, one of these days when I finally am able to get a house I am tiling the entire home as I cannot stand carpet. Tile is so much easier to keep clean and looking good. 🙂

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