Christmas Lights & HDR

Christmas Lights & Lit Building At Oakland Hills Temple

Over Christmas, our son Roger sang his first opera in a vocal concert put together by his voice teacher and held at the Oakland California LDS Temple.

He sang the part of Amahl from Amahl and the Night Visitors. Roger did a great job and, since it was fairly late in the evening, most folks thought his yawning was all part of acting out the role of tired little boy!

While there, I took a handful of photos, including several multiple exposures that I then ran through the Hydra HDR plug-in for Aperture.

Christmas Lights at Oakland Hills Temple

Frankly, the results were “meh”.

When Hydra 2.0 shipped at MacWorld, I upgraded and re-processed the images. The results were much better!

Specifically, the images are considerably sharper with a better balance of light and dark.

Overall, I’m quite happy with Hydra. Fewer fiddly knobs and it serves my needs exactly. With Hydra, I can create an image that looks good in a situation where my Digital Rebel XT would simply not produce a usable single image. Indoors, Hydra compensates for my lack of professional grade light sources combined with a camera body that performs well in low light situations.

Emphasis on compensates. I’m not remotely claiming that someone with a clue and better equipment couldn’t take better pictures. Heck, someone with a clue could take better pictures with the equipment I have!

Overlooking the Bay from the Oakland Hills (Mormon Temple)

The Temple also overlooks Oakland and San Francisco Bay.

So, of course, I had to take a long exposure of the bay bridge.

OK image. It was pretty windy, thus it isn’t as sharp as I would like.

However, the gorilla pod did do an admirable job of anchoring the camera to a random railing.

Beautiful view.

This image is not an HDR image. I did take a set of photos and process them through Hydra. Interesting; it basically blew out the fog over the city!

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  1. Ken Anderson says:

    Bill, it’s bizarre that you would post this now. Just the other day I was thinking that I wanted to try and find a recording of the NBC version of “Amahl” televised in 1978. The boy who played Amahl in it (Robert Sapolsky) was a friend of mine when we both sang at the Met back then. Thanks for reminding me! I also had no idea that Roger was that interested in singing – that’s awesome! Do you have a recording of the performance?
    Take care,

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