CardRaider: $20 Stupidity Compensator that Just Works

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Consider the two images at right. Neat images. Nothing spectacular, but special to my family in that they tell a story of part of an adventure to Bean Hollow State Beach (an awesome beach near Pescadero, CA).

And I would have neither those two pictures are a slew of others from the same trip if I hadn’t had CardRaider. Entirely due to PEBKAC (i.e. bbum was a dumbass), I reformatted the compact flash card after downloading only half the images — downloading just the images from the first beach we went to.

Now, fortunately, “reformatting” a compact flash card does very little other than mark the space as free for a variety of reasons that are quite interesting but more than I’ll reiterate here (including that the flash filesystem tends to be a lot less “chatty” than, say, a hard drive with log files, caches, VM, and the like).

End result? $20 and a short download later my photos were recovered via CardRaider .

Not much to say about the product. I have no knowledge about the competitors. CardRaider seemed highly ranked on various review sites and a search of weblogs revealed other folk who lost images for less stupid reasons than me who were quite happy.

It just worked.

And it just worked again. My wife has been dragging around a camera full of photos for over a year now. For whatever reason, all the normal means of downloading the photos didn’t work — i/o errors or some such nonsense.

CardRaider had no problem finding all the photos, including a couple that had been deleted that were save-worthy, and downloading them, apparently intact.

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2 Responses to “CardRaider: $20 Stupidity Compensator that Just Works”

  1. annbb says:

    Just lost a bunch of photos in my memory card – buying one as I write.

  2. Allan says:

    Well, I was just skitting through various blogs that I have bookmarked and I came across this one again. Glad I did. Cardraider looks like $20 well spent, and a programme I shall add to my little arsenal of goodies that get me out of trouble.

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