Make: Persimmon Wine Update; Racked to Secondary Fermenter

Update: After a few weeks, the wine has distinctly cleared. Soon, I’m going to do the emRack Shuffle/em — I only have three carboys, two of which are in use. Thus, rack to one, clean the now empty, rack to it…

This season, the apricot tree has bloomed nicely, but it is too early to tell if I’ll have a crop. I certainly do not expect anything like last year’s. If the tree were to take a year off, I wouldn’t be bothered at all. If the grape’s produce this year, I might make an actual grape wine.

I had been updating my original persimmon wine post with progress.

But tonight warrants a new post; I racked it into the secondary fermenters and have new specific gravity measurements to record.

I’m calling the two batches “red top” and “white top” because that is the cap color on top of the bubbler.

I measured the initial SG of the two at 1.060 [red] and 1.050 [white]. That was wrong — too much sediment — as I remeasured a week later at 1.080(!!) [red] and 1.070 [white].

That is a boatload of fermentables!!!

Once the fermentation started rolling around 12/31/2008, I let the buckets sit until today, stirring occasionally (sometimes by opening the lid and stirring with my gigantic stainless steel spoon and sometimes just by picking up and shaking the buckets for exercise).

Finally, the last week, both buckets stopped farting with any regularity. There is clearly life, but nothing remotely resembling the relatively vigorous — though never explosive — fermentation through January and February.

Though I could have done it a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to racking the wine to the secondary glass fermenters.

Along the way, I had a taste and took specific gravity readings, as well.

Both batches had achieved the same specific gravity; 0.990 @ 69.5 degrees.

(So… mmm… holy oh wow! those yeast have been busy!.)

If the online calculator is correct, that puts the red top somewhere just north of 12.1% ABV and the white type at around 11.5% ABV (and that discounts whatever was produced in the first week).

As for the taste? Well… it is a stupidly young wine and the process of siphoning out of the bucket and into the secondary kicked up a boatload of sediment, lees, and fruit bits. So, I was expecting “fruity yeast pooh” on the palette.

Surprisingly, it is fruity and tangy, with a bit of a sharp flavor. A few months in the secondary with a few sessions of siphoning off the lees and it should be a nice wine!

Oddly, beyond the difference in initial SG, the fruity bits in the red topped bucket were spread half between floating and sinking. The white bucket? Everything sank to the bottom. Thus, the red bucket was a pain in the ass to siphon to secondary.

Learned a trick, though. Get one of those MIU Polished Stainless-Steel Funnel with Strainer
used for frying, sterilize, then pour through that and let settle. Takes out the chunks quite nicely. You’ll end up with more lees in the secondary, but that can be siphoned off easily enough once they settle.

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4 Responses to “Make: Persimmon Wine Update; Racked to Secondary Fermenter”

  1. Papa Joe says:

    … or u can go to the wine store and buy a bottled for $4.99.

    Papa Joe thinks easy is better.

    r the crabs ready????????

  2. Papa Joe says:

    had an additional thought:

    at my age i can’t wait for the fermentation to take place.

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