Fatblogging: Walking the Infinite Loop

Remodeling during the winter has been unkind to my girlish figure.

Terribly coincidental, my Mii rolled onto the screen in Wii Fit this morning.

Step #1. Do something. Anything.

A 10 minute walk a day around the infinite loop is, at the very least, a start.

Today (3/19) was 2x around the infinite loop. Next week, the cycling to/from work begins, assuming I have finally shaken this stupid early spring cough (can’t tell if I’m ill or this is just allergies).

And I got an unexpected hour of gardening in late on 3/20. Need to photo-document the unbelievably dangerous device we use to turn fava bean plants into the best green fertilizer ever.

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10 Responses to “Fatblogging: Walking the Infinite Loop”

  1. DietAdvisor says:

    Don’t do that. Walking makes you just more hungry! It’s a trap.

  2. Peter Bierman says:

    Heh, I can guess where you parked, and that you stopped in the company store, from the two little dimples on that track. 🙂

  3. don delwood says:

    hey bill, what about your bike and commute to work? i really miss your stories about those little path burrs that you counter with kevlar, bullet proof, auto inflating, auto changing, these-are-the-tires-that-only-jack-bauer-would-use type tires.

  4. dogcow says:

    The way I keep my very thin (2D thin) figure is 1- watching what I eat, ( but not where I eat, I tend to graze off of cliffs). 2- a short 20 minutes of calisthenics each day including hiding on the Apple campus (which has been very difficult since they removed my beloved icon garden, I get the feeling they’re trying to get rid of me).

    Anyway, since starting up the calisthenics routine (and some dumbbell work) in late November last year I’ve dropped 1% of my body fat and 6 lbs. which is pretty good considering the holidays and all.

    Keep up the walking, I’m sure it’ll help. At the very least you’ll at least get a little outdoor time each day.

  5. Jeffrey J Hoover says:

    Wow! Clarus follows you! I’m very impressed.

  6. julian says:

    next step is to visit the parts of campus outside the loop.

    we’re part of the company too! it’s not THAT far!

  7. annbb says:

    Walk a loop for me, will ya?

  8. Just Someone says:

    I don’t know how fast you walk, but 2 loops are probably not enough to produce the result you’re expecting. IIRC, walking the loop is a 10-minute thing at most. It’s after 30 minutes that a sport activity can help increase the muscle or reduce extra-weight.

  9. bbum says:

    If you think my expectations are anything but “get off my ass and do something, anything, to stretch the legs, get outside, and aid a bit in post lunch digestion” combined with “amuse my friends by making fun of my fat ass”, then you are entirely wrong.

    BTW: This morning I rode my bike a little over a mile to buy donuts.

  10. Robert Nicholson says:

    I recently invested in a Water Rower which is very attractive piece of equipment/furniture that I keep in my apartment and since my apartment gym has fitness equipment with it’s on built in TV screen _but_ a very poor selection of channels to watch on them I can exercise on my Water Rower in my apartment whilst I was TV. Certainly has made me more active in recent weeks.

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