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Nearly 7 years ago and after spending years searching, I finally decided upon a backpack and computer bag. Specifically, I picked up a Brain Bag backpack from Tom Bihn along with a Brain Cell for my computer that snaps into the Brain Bag.

Best. Bag. Ever. Beyond being well made, the design focuses on usability. All pockets are easily accessible, secure, and the zippers are all stitched such that your stuff stays dry even in heavy rains.

After 7 years of medium to heavy use my only complaint is that the damned thing still looks new! Not even a stressed seam, much less a hole, rip, tear, or other defect. I’m only complaining because I have no reason to buy a new bag from Tom Bihn but, damnit, the new designs are cool!

Beyond making great bags, Bihn’s customer service can’t be beat. Twice, I have “lost” 1/2 of the buckle for the waist strap on my brain bag (“lost” as in “n year old slides it off and hides it somewhere, never to be found”).

Both times, I contacted Tom Bihn and had replacements within days. The first time, they drop shipped me one, no questions asked and no $$ paid. This last time, I insisted on buying something to at least cover the shipping. Now I have an awesome little strap extender thingy and they dropped in both a replacement piece and an entire extra buckle, just in case.

Awesome products. Awesome company.

Now, if they would just make a camera bag….

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  1. Daniel Jalkut says:

    So cool. They were famous years ago, at least 15 or 20, in my home town of Santa Cruz, where they used to be located. They had a location downtown on the Garden Mall. It’s so great that they have not only survived all this time but flourished.

  2. Brad Mohr says:

    Agreed. I can’t say enough good things about Tom Bihn. My wife and I have messenger bags we bought at the Santa Cruz store something like 13 years ago. They’ve been heavily used and abused and still look like new. I’ve had a couple of their computer bags over the years, too, both of which outlasted the computers they went with. Tom was in Port Angeles, Washington for a while before coming to Seattle a few years back.

  3. James Duncan Davidson says:

    I wonder how many laptops have been through that bag? Seven years. Wow. It’s like you posted about that bag just the other day.

  4. bbum says:

    Good question; TiBook, PowerBook G4, MacBook Pro Core Duo, MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo #1 and MacBook Core 2 Duo #2, so far.

    I deformed the brain cell just a bit shoving the MBPs into it; they are slightly wider and thinner than the PBG4. No worse for wear, though.

  5. Duncan says:

    So who do you go to for camera bags? I’ve been looking for something that works, but haven’t been able to find a shoulder bag or backpack that suits me yet.

  6. Robert Nicholson says:

    I’ve had a Brai nBag ever since I met Jeff Carlson at the Bellevue Starbucks and he showed me his. Mines got a lot of air miles on it and it’s seen many computers inside i going back as the A21p Thinkpad. I have one of the older ones that doesn’t have the newer clips but the older snaps so I’m now using a WaterField sleeve over my Unibody and I stand that vertically in the old BrainCell my previous MacBook Pro use to sit in. I also use the Waterfield Wireless Keyboard, AC Adpater zip bag in the other compartment of the bag.

    The best upgrade you can give your BrainBag is a set of Domke Pads. I’ve had two of these on mine since I bought it.

  7. bbum's weblog-o-mat: Tom Bihn's Bags & Customer Service - TOM BIHN Blog: We make travel bags in Seattle, Washington says:

    […] Beyond making great bags, Bihn’s customer service can’t be beat. Twice, I have “lost” 1/2 of the buckle for the waist strap on my brain bag (”lost” as in “n year old slides it off and hides it somewhere, never to be found”).” Wondering what happened next? Read bbum’s blog to find out. […]

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