Scrabble and Minding Your Z’s and Q’s

Gruber picked up on the recent or pending change to the official Scrabble dictionary to allow the words za, zzz, and qi.

Seems people are upset because of how this makes it so much easier to play said letters and pick up big points, since the z and q tiles are worth 10 points each.

I don’t get it. Or, at least, this smells like a rehash of yet another change is scary, let’s pretend this hasn’t happened 18 bazillion times before without the world ending story.

Certainly, za and qi make it easier to place the z and the q. But you still have to be lucky to have said letters at the same time that a bonus square — triple letter/word, double letter/word — is open to the left or top of an a or i with nothing on the other side. It happens, but not as often as, say, the ability to dump a j on jo.

And zzz is a non-issue. There is only one q and one z in a set of Scrabble tiles. Thus, to play zzz would require both blank tiles and you would have to play it to the top or left of a word that had a free a at the beginning or end. More likely than not, given two blanks and a z, it’ll be easier to play zoo, zoa, zone, or any of a number of other four letter words with a z in it.

Holy crap. I’m turning into a Scrabble geek.

6 Responses to “Scrabble and Minding Your Z’s and Q’s”

  1. annbb says:

    New obsession perhaps?

  2. David C-L says:

    I think the word being added is qi, not qa.

  3. bbum says:

    Correct. Thanks.

  4. Papa Joe says:

    u need to get regular tv.
    adding the “zzz” is ironic and says it all about that game.
    somebody at Scrabble has a sense of humor.

  5. bbum says:

    We’re trying to foster literacy in our house.

    Proper grammar, spelling, and other nearly lost language arts.

  6. Chicago says:

    i think this is a dumb change, it really makes it too easy to use the hard letters, there is a reason they are worth 10 points, maybe they should be reevaluated in the next version. that would be fair.

    [Figures that a collection agency would post such a comment in an effort to create link-back spam]

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