AT&T U-Verse: Canceling the TV Portion

AT&T won’t sell you U-Verse internet service without a bundle that includes the U-Verse TV package. However, you can order a U-Verse package and then cancel the TV without a problem. It is not unlikely that you’ll run into sales/support people that say otherwise. Ignore them and call back, they will cancel it and there is nothing in the contract that says otherwise.

Since the (very nice & competent) installer installed the TV box along with the 2wire modem/router, I decided to give the TV services a try since we effectively have it for free for a month.

Canceled after 20 minutes.

The service includes a TiVo wannabe box that offers the channel guide, recording options, etc…

It is crap. There appears to be no way to automatically filter the channels down to just what you receive. In my case, that means that the 100 channels I received were interlaced with 350 channels I don’t receive.

There isn’t even an indication in the guide of what channels you receive. The only way to tell is to sit on the channel long enough for it to either show content or a blue box in the PiP window.

There are virtually no setup options, SD channels look awful and are not scaled properly (hell, video from YouTube often looks better on the Apple TV than the typical SD channel on U-Verse, and the HD channels look about like what I would expect from the SD channels.

Then, of course, there is the issue that AT&T can do little about. The actual broadcast content available is just garbage. Between the commercials, the interstitials, and the other noise, there isn’t much time or space left for actual show content.

The sports packages look fairly impressive, I suppose. Not my bag of rice and, thus, further rendering the service useless in comparison to NetFlix’s Watch Instantly, Apple TV, and Amazon’s Unbox.

I just wish I could have the TV’s 25mbps for Internet Stuff.

3 Responses to “AT&T U-Verse: Canceling the TV Portion”

  1. FWRTim says:

    That’s interesting that they wouldn’t sell to you without TV. I purchased internet-only uVerse without a problem in GA about 60 days ago. It’s not necessarily obvious that you can buy internet-only, but it *is* possible.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    You can manually remove channels from the guide. You press Enter while in the guide, and then choose Hide Channels. However, manually removing hundreds of channels is time-consuming (but you only have to do it once). How I miss the Dish Network box that automatically filtered out channels you didn’t receive.

  3. John C. Randolph says:

    I decided a few years back that I won’t buy any TV service until and unless they let me just subscribe to the channels I want. Not buying the bundles, period.


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