Turtle Strikes a Pose

Red-Eared Slider with Blossom

Every now and then, a critter will strike a pose for me.

This red-eared slider showed up a week or so ago at the landing site for the Smith’s Fern Grotto tour, a boat trip along the Wailua river with a short walk through the jungle.

They had been looking for the turtle to re-appear. Of course, Roger found it — he has 20/10 vision and finds life in the most surprising places.

Red-eared sliders have become ubiquitous the world over as they are the most popular aquatic turtle kept as pets. We found a rather much larger red-eared slider in Missouri.

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One Response to “Turtle Strikes a Pose”

  1. Nature Photography says:

    I love it when animals strike a pose! Looks like this turtle’s a natural! Thanks for sharing this great pic!

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