Roger & Dragonflies

Roger and Dragonflies

Roger has consistently demonstrated that he can catch the uncatchable bug. Hence, the moniker the bug whisperer.

At left, Roger is holding two dragonflies that he had caught. The two had flown into the house one after the other and Roger caught them both within a minute.

I can remember trying, and completely failing, to catch such critters when I was his age. And he doesn’t just catch them inside, either!

Roger is always very gentle with such creatures and they are always returned to the wild unharmed.

Unless, of course, they are “bad bugs”. Bad bugs meet with death in any of a number of spider webs Roger keeps track of around the house. In some cases, in the web of a spider that Roger had previous caught and moved to a particular plant.

For whatever reason, when Roger catches a spider and moves it to a new home, the spider stays put. Of course, a spider thusly moved is typically rewarded with a steady stream of flies.

Dragonfly Hanging Out on Roger's Hand

Then again, the bugs — and lizards/frogs/whatever — that Roger catches will often stick around for a lot longer than they are restrained.

Of the two dragonflies, one hung out on Roger’s hand for a few minutes before flitting off to freedom.

As a fan of macro photography, Roger’s uncanny rapport with bugs is very very much appreciated!

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3 Responses to “Roger & Dragonflies”

  1. g says:

    Sounds like a bright future in field entomology – see the world, meet new bugs, and catch them.

  2. Macdonald Festival says:

    Roger is such a fine lad. Roger is so careful with bugs. Of course except “Bad Bugs Mafia” that runs the underground business. In that case Roger has no mercy and destroys them all.
    But of course Roger can not kill al the Bad Mafia Bugs all by himself now can he? Of course not! Roger has his Spiders Mercenaries that he pays to kill! Brrrr! Sorry I just got a chill down my spine.
    Then of course there are other players, if ya dig me. Lizards? He’s got ’em! Frogs? He’s got ’em! Chupacabras that hunt domestic animals at night and suck their blood? He’s… no. He’s a little short of Chupacabras… hmmm actually I don’t even think those things exist… but whatever. If there were Chupacabras he would most certainly have one of those as well!
    But mostly he likes dragonflies. He is an expert in capturing dragonflies with his BARE HANDS. (Take THAT Chuck Norris!!!) He’s got a little mini training camp where he trains his dragonflies and turns them into ELITE DRAGONFLIES (+10 attack damage +15 resistance – AND only costs 3 mana points).
    He is in a continuous battle with the forces of Evil. His worst nemesis is Lord Darth Snakeder (that’s how he is known around the net but he is actually a little scared mouse hiding behind his computer monitor). Anyway, this little.. I mean frightening enemy is determined to destroy all the good bugs and animals so he and his fellow evil allies (rats, termites, snakes, bats, worms, piranhas, goats, fluffy bunnies, Bush, Saddam) can rule the world.
    But Roger is determined to stop these demons from reaching their goal.
    I DO read your posts and I do care about what I comment. I know I am a spammer but I’m trying not to be a nasty one… maybe bring a little smile on your face? (oh it’s just an angry grimace…) Well just remember before you delete my comment that I am coming from a poor country and we are starving to death here, I have no job and I have to feed my family. So please PLEASE accept my comment and my little link. You won’t even know is there. Thank you so much!

  3. annbb says:

    Dodgie just get more and more handsome. What’s his opinion of black widow spiders?

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