DE Razor Review: Feather

Feather Blade Scaled.png

I shaved for the first time with a non-Merkur blade from the sampler pack I picked up.

Specifically, I used a Feather blades (Amazon search).

The Feather blades are extremely sharp. Makes the Merkur feel like shaving with a butter knife.

The first shave from this blade is fantastic. Very smooth.

However, this is also not a blade to shave with casually. One wrong move — one lateral slide — and you’ll be bleeding like a stuck pig. I don’t have a problem with this; shaving with a double-edged safety razor has been far less bloody than those stupid expensive cartridge blades.

The next question will be durability. How good will the shave be after a week?

My beard destroys the Merkurs after a week of shaving.

After a week, the blade remains sharp, continuing to cut through anything in its path with ease. Actually, I ended up using the blade for about 10 days due to the shenanigans call on the Personna.

Overall, the Feather consistently delivered an excellent shave. It is, however, not a casual shave. Sharp the Feather definitely is and one wrong move will lead to blood loss.

If your skin is relatively smooth, I would highly recommend giving the Feather a try. If your skin is either very sensitive or bumpy, the Feather is likely to be quite unpleasant.

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6 Responses to “DE Razor Review: Feather”

  1. annbb says:

    I didn’t even think those blades were made any more.

  2. James Eagan says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for posting these reviews! I’ve been shaving with a DE razor for a couple of years now, but I’ve never experimented with the blades much. I use either the CVS blades or the Gillette Bleue Extra depending on what I can find in my neighborhood. I’ve been quite happy with the improvement just from going from the crappy cartridges to the DE blades, so I’m looking forward to hearing how the different blades hold up.

    Of course, everyone’s face and everyone’s beard is different — My beard grows thick and dense and is a pain to shave. What works well for me may not be what’s ideal for you and vice versa. Which is part of why I’m finding your detailed reviews so useful! Thanks!

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