A Bit of Shaving History…

Straight Razors

While visiting the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, it was fun to discover an entire display dedicated to a collection of shaving paraphernalia from circa 1900 or so.

Given my recent over-engineered adventures in shaving, it seemed apropos.

At left are a collection of straight razors that a barber might have employed when taking care of their customers. I’ve never had either a professional shave or a shave with a straight razor by a professional.

The notion of paying someone hold a razor sharp blade against my jugular is a bit nerve racking. But it surprises me not that successful executives pursued such services. Leaders often seek situations where they are decidedly not in control.

In any case, the display also included a beautiful collection of shaving mugs.

It should also come as no surprise that obsession with blade quality has a long history. As an example, here is a blade-of-the-week kit that the museum had on display!

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