Uncharted 2; Brilliant, Marred by Intermittent Lockup/Freezes

I have recently been playing through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
after having played through the utterly brilliant Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Absolutely genius game. Personally, I have always hated tracked games; games that have a single story line that you follow along, with little to no bifurcation. Yet, Uncharted 1/2 both do such a good job of telling a compelling story that I’m having a total blast. The voice acting and character animation are top notch.

It is as if you are playing along an interactive movie. Where you do get to make all the decisions is in how you approach any given battle; …go stealth or go in with guns a-blazing? …AK-47 with hundreds of round, a sniper rifle that’ll one-shot-kill, but requires precise aim, or a shotgun that requires close range & is devastating? …sneak around and take out the gunner’s nest from behind or try and lob a grenade?

The one problem though, is that the game freezes about once every hour to hour and a half of play. It may be a thermal issue (though I’m playing in a relatively chill room and the PS3 has excellent ventilation), but the symptoms are slightly odd. The music keeps playing, but all graphics and controls are dead. Upon restart, you find yourself just beyond where the freeze occurred, as if the game detected the freeze and moved you to just beyond the point where it happened. If true, this is welcome, but it sometimes means that you are in a tight spot with no appropriate weapons.

And I’m not the only one. Looking at this google search, I see hundreds of reports of the same behavior.

Some see the freeze occur more often than others (and I suspect some are thermal issues, from the descriptions). The problems aren’t limited to any particular model of PS3, either (I’m on a 120GB Slim, being the cheap bastard that I am).

Others have reported no problems at all.

I wish there were some means of reporting bugs and/or tracking issues like these.

While annoying, this isn’t a catastrophic bug (at least not for me — it doesn’t happen that often) to the point of making me regret the purchase. Total a worthy and awesome game to play through!

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