DE Razor Review: Wilkinson Sword Classic

Wilkinson Sword Scaled.jpg

Cadbury, get me my wilkinsons. I have an engagement at the club with Ms. Shroomshryer and need to be at my smoothest. Chop chop!

With a name like Wilkinson Sword Classic and such overwrought packaging (not shown) containing many words about the lineage and awesomeness of the triple coated edge, I expect this blade to give me a high society quality close shave. Whatever that means. All I know is that I can’t read Wilkinson Sword in anything but the stereotypical high-brow Richie Rich inflect.

Hopefully, the Wilkinson Sword (amazon search) blades will live up to their name.

Outside of the waste that is the card pack upon which the blade pack was attached (seen here), the Wilkinsons come in a plastic box with each blade wrapped in was paper. The box has a slot for used blades on the back.

I’m a little concerned by the glue splotches on the blade, though they are nowhere near as bad as the Astras nor are the splotches on the cutting edge itself.

Wow! I had inadvertently set up this blade for a bit of a first shave challenge, not having shaved the day prior (the Astras were just that meh).

Yet, the Wilkinson blade produced an excellent shave. Not only is it one of the smoothest shaves I have had, but the blade caused basically zero skin irritation at all (the Derby and Feather blades both produced a similar shave, but with just a tad of skin irritation).

Hopefully, the blade will prove to be durable, too.

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9 Responses to “DE Razor Review: Wilkinson Sword Classic”

  1. Chris says:

    Wilkerson used to make a single-edged disposable razor that was the closest thing to shaving with a safety razor I’ve ever seen. The blade was very narrow, but super-sharp and it had a fairly wide gap between the blade and a small metal bar that served as the guard. That made it really great for shaving off pretty heavy beard growth (I’m lazy and don’t shave often enough) because the whiskers would wash right out and not clog like they do on double and triple-edged blades. They would also cut you pretty well if you were careless – something that is pretty much impossible with most disposable or cartridge razors.

    The stores around here stopped carrying them, but this post inspired me to go see if they are still made. Crap, it looks like they’re only sold in England. Might have to order a case…

  2. Don Carlile says:

    I’m eally hoping this turns out best, because back in the 60s, their commercials had the coolest tag – the swords were animated to cross with the sound effect “whit” (as the first sword moved into place) “whi-tank” (as the second sword moved in and hit the first).

  3. Jason Clark says:

    I’m not (yet?) a DE shaver, but I’ve been following these posts with interest. I am curious, though, how much of the difference between the Wilkinson and the Feather or Derby can be attributed to your improving skill with DE shaving? All three gave excellent shaves, but I believe you’ve stated skin irritation has been less with each one you’ve tried. Perhaps when you’ve completed trying all of the blades you have, you should have a “Shave Off”, and give the top 3 each another week for second impressions.

    Thanks for the interesting posts… I’m considering putting a DE razor, brush, and a quality British shaving cream on my Christmas List.

  4. bbum says:

    @Jason; I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. Both increased skill and, frankly, skin that is becoming accustomed to it. Then again, the bad shaves have continued to be epically bad. 🙂 But, yes, I do believe I’ll have to revisit the Derby, Feather, Wilkinson and any other blade that produces an awesome shave upon conclusion.

  5. Jeffrey J Hoover says:


    Have you seen this article on using mineral oil to prolong your blades? It seems to me that you have some good baseline data to test this idea with…

  6. new jersey movers says:

    Awesome… I’m not ready to start DE shaving yet myself but my friend is just getting into it and has been trying out different blades too. I’ll send him a link to your blade experiment here and maybe he’ll be able to give some feedback on some of the blades he has tried. I do remember him mentioning using mineral oil on the blades, though. That seems like something you should look into for extending the life of your good blades. -Mike

  7. webgrunt says:


    I spritz my razors with WD-40 after rinsing them when I’m done shaving. WD-40 displaces water and protects the blade from moisture-induced corrosion.

  8. Skin Care Tips for Women – How to Care for Women’s Skin | Foot Health Information says:

    […] bbum's weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » DE Razor Review: Wilkinson … Posted in Acne | Tags: Chins, Good Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Skin, Poor Health, Skin Irritation […]

  9. angelous says:

    Lol do not put wd/40 on anything that will touch your face!!!! Do not use mineral oil either. These blades are 10 blades for 2 dollars. Each razor lasts 3-7 shaves, after that throw it out.

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