DE Razor Review: BIC Chrome Platinum

BIC Chrome Platinum Scaled.jpg

I had no idea that BIC — the cheap pen company — made double-edge razors. In particular, the BIC chrome platinum razor blade.

I really didn’t expect much from this particular blade. Like their pens, I fully expected the blade to be serviceable yet unremarkable.

Certainly, the packaging indicated total mediocrity. Contained in a hard to open cardboard box, each blade is individually wrapped in yellow waxed paper that is glued to the blade (sigh) with post-it like adhesive. Worse, the damned adhesive is o the cutting edge.

Not a good first impression.

However, the blade delivered a fantastically smooth first shave!! Better yet, it did so with relatively little effort!

Though the quality of the shave is awesome, the blade definitely irritated my skin more than most blades. My skin has just a slight razor burn feel to it (but no redness).

Surprising, to say the least.

As much as I had no confidence in the blade from first impression, I have equally as little confidence in blade durability.

Maybe the blade will surprise me on that front, too.

After a few days of shaving with this blade, it has surprised me. Namely, the blade continues to deliver a decent quality shave, but the blade is definitely showing signs of wear in that it has started to cut my face more frequently and more deeply.

This would be a good juncture to mention that a styptic pencil is a fine addition for any shaving kit “just in case”. Typical product shown at right — avoid the ridiculous shipping charge by picking one up at your local drug store.

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