DE Razor Review: Dorco New Platinum ST-301

Dorco 10 New Platinum Scaled.jpg

After the last few blades, I have come to expect some stupid flaw with any new blade I try.

Much to my surprise, the Dorco Platinum ST-301 have none of the stupid and are quickly becoming one of my favorite blades!

The 301s come in little plastic boxes with 10 blades per box, double the # of blades per box as most of the other blades that I have tried. The plastic boxes have a slot on the back for used blades. So, combination of more blades per box & the disposal problem solved all in one.

Beyond that, the blades are individually wrapped in a much thinner than normal waxed paper (while remaining sealed). Better yet, there is no glue. Even the Wilkinson Sword, an otherwise excellent blade, had glue spots on the blade!

Of course… the shave… how is the shave?

When I switched to this blade, I inadvertently set it up for failure. First, I was coming off a week of the Bic blade, which had left my skin quite thoroughly irritated. I hadn’t shaved in slightly longer than normal and we were having one of those extremely rushed mornings. Worse, I had run out of prep oil and, thus, neither oiled my face or used a hot towel. I followed this with a turbo-shave; a super-fast two pass shave with only a little bit of time ensuring that the difficult bits were clean shaven.

A recipe for an epically bad shave.

However, the Dorco not only performed well, the blade provided one of the best shaves I’ve had! Beyond yielding an amazingly smooth result, there were no nicks and no skin irritation whatsoever!

The Dorco seems to somehow have all the sharpness of the Feather, but is a very forgiving blade. After a few days, it is still delivering a very high quality shave and I have yet to nick myself — something every other blade has done after a few days. This isn’t just an experience issue; somehow, the Dorco doesn’t draw blood on the handful of perpetual problem spots on my face that every other blade has tripped over.

Between the high quality shave and the excellent and efficient packaging, the Dorcos are quickly becoming my favorite blade. Better yet, they appear to be pretty damned cheap — 100 blades for about $9!

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2 Responses to “DE Razor Review: Dorco New Platinum ST-301”

  1. Scott says:

    Interesting to read about your DE blade trials. I used a DE blade for several years – including the Wilkinson Sword (when available), Gillette, and some brand I can’t recall. It seemed cheaper and less gimmicky than buying disposable cartridges.

    But I decided to give cartridge razors another shot — I think it was after seeing an episode of Heroes where one of the characters chastises another for showing up with a cut on his face, saying he clearly doesn’t own a proper razor. So a few months ago I switched to Schick Quattro with titanium blades, and I haven’t had to pull out my stiptic pencil once since then. Zero blood, nada, in months. The blades seem to last longer as well.

    The only real downside is that if I skip a day or two the longer whiskers tends to get stuck between the blades and I was changing blades prematurely. Now I keep an x-acto blade next to my razor; it only takes 15 secs to poke the hairs out those days I need to. I still use a badger hair brush and glycerin shave soap, but I’m probably done with DE razors. It was fun, but I much prefer never having to worry about that last minute nick right as I’m walking out the door.

  2. Phil says:

    I recently purchased a batch of Dorco 300 DE blades. The price was 100 blades for $8, but I ordered 200 blades. They were delivered by regular USA mail for $2.41 about a week after I ordered them and the total cost was $18.41. The package fits in my secure mailbox so there is no need to be home for delivery.

    I have an average beard and I can get 7 good shaves from the Dorco 300 blade. I have read that the 300 and the 301 are basically the same but the 301 uses more costly packaging so it costs a bit more than the 300, but some dispute this and claim that the 301 is not the same as the 300.

    One 300 blade lasts a week for me so my supply of 200 blades is enough for several years, but I might experiment with other brands just for fun because it is easy to find many varieties at affordable prices online.

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