Excellent Coffee Thermos

One of the problems with the Chemex coffee maker is that it is utterly useless for making more coffee than you plan on consuming in one sitting simply because it does nothing to keep the coffee warm! We have guests coming in over the holiday break and I want to be able to make a pot of chemex, pour it into a thermos, pour some more hot water over the grounds (if you use enough grounds, this works great!!) and then our that into the thermos, too.

On the recommendation of one with a clear caffeine addiction, I picked up the Thermos Nissan 51 Ounce Stainless Steel Carafe pictured at left.

It does a brilliant job! I made coffee at about 10AM this morning and it was still hot — not burning hot, but hot enough — after 5pm in the afternoon! Better yet, the coffee maintained its flavor just about as well as one could expect! The caffeine addict that recommended the carafe indicated that pretty much all of Thermos’s Nissan line are top notch, too.

I tried putting the Chemex on a Bunn Warmer — was enticed by the name, obviously — but the combination of a hot bottom plus sides that shed heat rapidly meant that the coffee quickly turned ultra-nasty flavored. Yuck. The Bunn will prove useful; it turns out it heats water to pretty much the perfect temperature for brewing certain kinds of green tea that don’t tolerate boiling water without yielding bitter flavors!

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  2. Steve Kalkwarf says:

    How is it to clean? The problem I’ve had trying to use Thermoses (or travel mugs) is that after a seemingly short time, the plastic parts start to get a stale coffee funk.

    I’ve taken to leaving the coffee in the Chemex, and just microwaving cups when it gets too cool.

  3. Papa Joe says:

    how ironic!! mom & i just bought a new OGGI insulated thermal carafe today.
    she is tired of the old one. it is just broken in after 20 years or so.

  4. Papa Joe says:

    update on the OGGI.

    keeps the coffee very hot up to 8 hours.
    and it only cost $17.00!!!!

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