DE Razor Review: 7 a.m.

7am Platinum Stainless Scaled.jpeg

Can’t say I was expecting much from this particular blade. The name, the lettering, and — mostly — the packaging all scream “cheap blade” to me.

However, opening the little cardboard box revealed blades that were wrapped in two pieces of paper; the logo paper and an inner translucent wax paper. The fold is one of the tightest I have seen on a blade and, quite nicely, there was no glue on the blade!

Like the Dorco, I hadn’t shaved the day before trying the blade.

While the resulting shave is actually quite good in that it is quite smooth and the blade didn’t nick me at all, it pulled from the first stroke. The blade clearly isn’t dull — if it was, the quality of the shave would be sub-par — but it is as if the blade were catching and yanking on each hair before the cut.

Not surprisingly, this has left me skin with a bit of razor burn, especially under my chin.

Given the feel of this first shave, I doubt this blade is going to last the week.

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