DE Razor Review: Sharp Stainless

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I shouldn’t be surprised that the last blade from the sampler that was new to me would yield some unexpected results (I still have the Merkur to review, but that was the blade my razor came with and, thus, I’m saving it to the last. That and I’m likely going to be reviewing a different kind of Israeli Personna and updating that particular review, too).

The Sharp (stainless) come in just about the most unassuming packaging of any blade; a simple cardboard box. Yet, that simple cardboard box has a bit of hologram embedded in it! Most likely, this “seal of authenticity” is an attempt to stymy counterfeiters, which — apparently — are quite a problem for some manufacturers!

The blades, themselves, are wrapped in not one, but two, pieces of wax paper. One with the logo and one transparent. Held together without glue, even!

So, that unassuming package actually had one of the most competently wrapped blades of all I have tried.

The blade, itself, proved to be quite sharp. Not Feather sharp, but still quite a bit sharper than most other blades I tried.

The resulting shave is decent, but far from superb. It provides a perfectly competent shave without too many cuts or too much burning of the skin. Yet, still, there was some irritation and it did draw a bit of blood whereas a week old Dorco had not.

And after nearly a week of using the blade, it has held the edge competently, too.

The only real ding against the blade is that the little box doesn’t provide a means of disposing of the blades as do some other brands.

That word… competent… has come up often in describing this blade. Apt, too, as it really is a competent blade. Given the impression offered by the packaging, my surprise was the result of discovering a perfectly serviceable blade inside. The two other blades — Personnas and 7a.m. — in similar packaging were awful!

If Sharp Stainless were all I could find, I would have no complaints!

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  1. Jake Kauth says:

    Heya… What razor blade HANDLE do you recommend for your DE shaving experiment? I’m considering
    switching to a DE razor but would ike a very high quality holder for the blades.


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