No, iTunes, I don’t want to listen to holiday music in February….

We have a ton of Christmas music — 400 or so tracks, with it growing by about 50-75 tracks each year — that ranges across all genres. It is some awesome stuff; blues, reggae, pop, traditional, you name it…

However, it is music that should only be in the rotation starting December 1st, heavy rotation by about the 15th-20th and then no more from December 26th to the next December 1st.

Of course, iTunes is agnostic and, thus, does not follow my holiday music filtration wishes.

Easy to fix.

  1. On all Christmas/Holiday music, add a grouping of “Holiday” or “Christmas” (or whatever you want).
  2. Create a smart playlist that finds all music in said grouping. Make sure the smart playlist matches unchecked items.
  3. On December 26th, select all, ctrl-click, and select uncheck selection
  4. On Decmber 1st of the next year, select the smart playlist, select all, ctrl-clik, and select check selection

Done. iTunes will not select unchecked songs when constructing genius playlists or when playing through the library on shuffle play. Smart playlists can optionally include checked songs.

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