Swingline Red Stapler Busted.

My red stapler — like the one pictured at left — has broken due to the classic industrial design mistake of using a plastic part as the connector between two mechanical parts in a leverage or geared based mechanical system.

Swingline has a customer feedback form and, thus, I sent the below feedback. We shall see if anything comes of it.


I could make a classic Office Space style joke about my Red Stapler and Burning Down the building, but I won’t. I’m sure you’ve heard ’em all before.

I have a classic red Swingline stapler. It is a work of art.

Unfortunately, it suffers from a classic industrial design mistake. The red metal halves are held together by a plastic clip. Said plastic clip broke and what should be a single mechanical unit is now two dysfunctional, yet attractive, pieces of red metal.

As much as I would like a replacement part (it is the u-shaped bit that holds the stapler halves together), I’m far more interested in seeing Swingline fix the faulty design.

Thank you,

4 Responses to “Swingline Red Stapler Busted.”

  1. annbb says:

    That’s the clip at the back? Why would they ever make that in plastic?
    Plastic has two major flaws: 1. not as strong as steel/metal and more
    importantly, 2. plastic has a much more finite life-use-span than metal
    as it becomes brittle with age thus more easily snapped. Dumb.
    Swingline…you listening???

  2. janine says:

    If you don’t get your replacement part and need a new stapler, may I recommend this as a replacement stapler? I’ve had mine for several years and it has always performed well, and I see no signs of plastic clips. It also stands upright which is my favorite thing about it – takes up less room and easy to grab when you need it.

    Yes, I am an office supply geek, why do you ask? 🙂

  3. Papa Joe says:

    Bill u have to b more gentle with today’s staplers. Do not staple all the time. Save all your stapling items up and staple them gently. No smashing them with a fist, gentle but firm pressure will get the stapling job done and u can align your staple more evenly also.

    my stapler has been with me since my first job in 1959, yes, 1959!
    it lost the Swingline logo many years ago but is still functional, for how much longer I do not know because Mom is now using it since she lost her stapler and I am using the new one which has your “newer & better” design.
    BTW they both were not made in the USA.
    the 1959 model was made in Canada and the new one was made in, u guessed it, China.
    I have sent u pics of the 2 staplers.

  4. Mike says:

    What is your model number? Mine is 747xx and it does not appear to have any plastic parts, the piece holding the two red pieces together looks and sounds like a metal pin, aluminum but metal.

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