Make: Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack

Drying Rack

Our laundry / utility room isn’t large, but we consider it to be a gem given that most bay area homes seem to have their laundry in the garage!

Thus, space is a premium and that makes dealing with the handful of items that need to be air dried on a flat surface a challenge. A drying rack that sits around on the floor unused 90% of the time is guaranteed to be in the way 90% of the time!

Thus, a solution that can easily get out of the way was sorely needed!

Having scored a cheap bicycle ceiling lift off of Amazon, I added a couple of metro-cart shelves ($20/each at most hardware stores) held together by four 12″ bolts. the bolts hold the bottom shelf tightly sandwiched between two washers and two nuts on each bolt. The bolts hang from the holes in the top shelf (more washers!) and the top shelf hangs from the bicycle hoist.

Conceptually, it works really really well. Perfectly, in fact. And the metro-cart shelves allow for stuff to be hung from below, too.

The only complaint is that the bicycle lift works exactly as you might expect for $10-$15. Expect to have to keep the shelf level as it goes up/down. No big deal, but I will be replacing the rope in the near future.

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3 Responses to “Make: Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack”

  1. Papa Joe says:

    glad u r keeping busy

    next step is to do the wash yourself!!

  2. Jeffrey J Hoover says:

    Remember that three point define a plane and get your ‘arms’ spread further apart for stability.

    Very cool setup. Is it high enough that you don’t bonk your head?

  3. Luc J says:

    I knew the bicycle lift, but what you’ve done with it is really great!

    I’ve seen other systems that put the ceiling to use, like this ceiling storage system, but that’s quite another price range than what you have managed!

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