Enphase Energy’s Envoy


Our solar installation came with a neat little device that interfaces between the panels and the Enphase’s central web site.

Like just about every other device with a network connection, it offers a simple interface for monitoring power stats and seeing any recent power related events, including low/high voltage or out of phase events caused by the grid!

Interestingly, I can easily scrape the event log to grab a pretty decent estimate of when sunrise and sunset happened. The panels boot at sunrise, logging and event, and they emit a low voltage emit at sunset. (Obviously, the times will be slightly skewed by installation angle, etc… but, still, neat!).

And, of course, the interface has an “Administration” button. Password protected and the customer isn’t given the password. Hmm…. yup… it is entirely as dead obvious as you might imagine.

This allows for the network interface to be configured and gives access to slightly more raw bits of info. By clicking a link for the power meter monitoring feature that isn’t set up yet, it throws an error with stacktrace. Top frame is /opt/emu/httpd/rhtdocs/index.rb:28.

Looks like it is implemented in ruby! Neat.

There also appear to be some other URLs that lead to directory listings and the like.

Also not mentioned in the manual is that it has port 22 — ssh — open. The username/password on that appears to not be so obvious.

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4 Responses to “Enphase Energy’s Envoy”

  1. @deadprogrammer says:

    In the process of ridding my home of the stupid X10 dimmers I recently installed TED energy detector, and I’m very happy with it. It has a special module for solar panels I believe.

    I also picked up a few of GE led undercounter lights at Home Depot, and surprisingly they are reasonably bright, don’t need a bulky wall wart, and give off a very pleasant light. I bought 3 18 inch strips (they are linkable).

  2. Papa Joe says:

    In my weekly update from JPL they note that in the San Jose area there has been a lessening of power demand across the grid.
    AP reported that the power company has seen a drop in power usage also.
    They immediately have asked the state for an increase in power fees.

  3. Eric says:

    Utilities are often guaranteed a return and are also mandated to reduce demand… so dropping demand leads to higher prices in some cases. At least that’s how I understand it.

    It won’t bother those of us with solar panels, and who knows, maybe it will encourage more. 🙂

  4. MyName Is Deen says:

    The Envoy manual says it is needed to clear a GFCI interrupt which occurs in any micro inverter.
    I don’t want to buy an Envoy. I am experimenting with a single PV and 190 watt enphase micro inverter
    in a protected environment. Do you know if a system can run without the Envoy. Also, can I omit
    the neutral wire (to prevent a GFCI break) or does it detect this faulty wiring? Or does a GFCI never
    occur EVER in a good setup?

    Also, Ive played with a few things which communicate over the power line. Do you know which
    communication technology is used (Maybe I can simply write my own Envoy???)

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