Kegerator Upgrade: Keg Cap Tap Handles

Keg Cap Taps

This is the reason why I write this weblog. After writing up the entry on the Kegerator project and tweeting it, I received a “nice job!” from the creator of a product called the KegCapTap.

Pretty much every commercial keg of beer ships with a round plastic snap-on protector over the very much standard sized keg coupler/connector. Of course, that snap-on protector is a marketing opportunity and, thus, every keg comes with a nice logo’d cap identifying the brand, if not the specific beer!

Enter the Keg Cap Tap.

The Keg Cap Tap is a tap handle that’ll fit just about any tap valve (the company also sells adaptors). The round end just so happens to be the exact same size as the top of a keg and, thus, quite nicely holds the branded keg protector.

As a result, whatever random commercial brews I have in my kegerator will now be identified quite clearly on the tap.

For my own beers, the Keg Cap Taps came with blank plastic snap-on protectors. For now, I’ll just slap an Avery label on the blank and write in the type of beer. Someday, I’ll have to actually print up little logos and such!

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3 Responses to “Kegerator Upgrade: Keg Cap Tap Handles”

  1. Keg Cap Tap says:

    Glad you got the handles and like them. They look great on your kegerator! We can also help you out with labels for your homebrews. In addition to the simple blank keg caps that you can write on we can print your design or help you design a brand label for all your beers. These typicall have your information and images with a blank spot for your write in your brew names. It’s a fun way to make your own “brand” and let everyone know what’s on tap!


  2. corbin dunn says:

    oh luscious bear republic!

  3. Bean says:

    I picked up some TapBoards for my office kegerator a couple months back; they work pretty well:

    I buy all my beer from Faultline in Sunnyvale and their typical keg cap is a blank with an Avery label on it, so the caps wouldn’t make as nice handles as that nice Bear Republic cap.

    -Bean (ds1265)

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