Air Mover: Why Didn’t I Get This Years Ago??!?!

As we start into the second phase of remodel where we are living in the house, there is the occasion when there are stinky fumes from the work site that I want to keep out of the livable areas.

Enter the Air Mover.

Now that I have one, I’m stunned that I didn’t pick up one before! In particular, our climate is such that it can get really damned hot during the day and still cool off at night. Even with all the windows and doors open, the interior of the house can still take a bit to cool down.

No more.

With the 1600CFM air mover pictured at left, I merely drop it on the picnic table outside our back door and put it on high. Within 20 minutes or so, the temperature inside the house is down to something quite comfortably cool.

Better yet, our garage faces south west and, thus, gets baking hot by the end of the day and doesn’t cool off until after midnight. Again, no more as the air mover does a brilliant job of pushing cool air from in the house, through the garage and out the front.

Brilliant tool. Why the hell didn’t I get one years ago?!

I picked up the one at left from Home Depot for $199 (7/17/2010).

@Ian: We have an attic fan in Missouri, too, but it tends to pull ash out of the fireplace(!!). Of course, an Eichler has neither an attic or a crawl space….

@Philippe: Push air into the house, though I’ll sometimes set it up to pull air through the house, too. As far as pushing dust in the house is concerned, we leave the doors open anyway. There aren’t really very many bugs in California (save for swarms of June Bugs this year) and the dust doesn’t seem any worse with the fan on (i.e. it is still quite dusty around here).

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4 Responses to “Air Mover: Why Didn’t I Get This Years Ago??!?!”

  1. Ian Baird says:

    Back in MO, we had an attic fan. Did the same thing.

  2. Philippe Casgrain says:

    Do you set it up pushing air into the house or away from the house? From the description it looks like it is pushing towards the house. Doesn’t that blow all kind of dust and crap in the house then?

  3. Brett says:

    I got something similar a couple of years ago and found the same thing. It is truly amazing how much cooling you can take advantage of without resorting to using the AC!

  4. Luc J says:

    I’ve been trying to achieve the same thing with ordinary fans, to no avail! Will try one of those, but how do you assure that the air really moves through the house and doesn’t ‘slip out’ through the same window where its blowing in?

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