Outdoor Light…. Wait, What the HELL IS THAT?!

Light with Bug Infestation

Now, as you look at this particular photo which isn’t that good in the first place, you might ask yourself, “Why the heck has Bill posted a photo of a random outdoor light?!?”.

Well, look closer. See that pile of what looks to be wood shavings or something inside the light?

Yeah. No. Not so much.

Light with Bug Infestation

You see, that is a gigantic pile of dead bug larva.

I have no idea what kind of bugs they were. Look kinda like ants, but I have never seen white ants before.

Termites, maybe? But why would termites take up residence in a seemingly all metal and glass light fixture!?!

In any case. FREAKY!

The light post is in front of Apple’s De Anza 6 building. The photos were actually both taken with the Camera+ app (using the image stabilization feature) on an iPhone 4. I’m very impressed with the camera. Sure, can’t compete with my T1i. Often, though, the best camera is the camera you have. That it also happens to be a really good camera is bonus!

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4 Responses to “Outdoor Light…. Wait, What the HELL IS THAT?!”

  1. Michael Rawdon says:

    I wonder if they’re white because they’ve been sun-bleached?

  2. BWJones says:

    Its kinda like that old Saturday Night Live routine with Steve martin and Dan Aykroyd where they stand in front of the audience and look up towards the ceiling saying “What the hell is that?…… I don’t know…. What the hell is that?….. I don’t know…

  3. Deirdre says:


    I hear you on the camera thing. This is a better shot (from an iPhone 4) than similar shots in prior years with my best camera at the time:


    After lugging around an SLR and a Mamiya 6 for years, I’ve gone the other way and now only carry small cameras. Just bought a Panasonic GF1 with the 20mm prime lens because I wanted a faster lens and a camera with interchangeable lenses. Don’t know how that’ll fit with my small camera bias, though.

  4. Matt says:

    Could they possibly be molted ant exoskeletons that have been discarded in this specific location by a nearby colony?

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