New Puppy; Emerald!

Emerald Stares Back

Meet Emerald.

We picked her up from Lucky Paws Rescue last weekend.

Or, more specifically, she picked us out of the handful of people that showed up at an adoption event at Petco.

First, she was the brightest eyed, most inquisitive, puppy of the lot. She took keen interest in everything going on about her.

She also purred — yes, purred — while snuggling into my neck after I picked her up.

Supposedly, she is a Border-Collie / Black Labrador mix. We won’t really know until she puts a bit of growth on her.

Emerald Discussing Plans With Ruby

Ruby has been both quite patient with Emerald and also quite playful; they wrestle about quite often and Ruby is even sharing her rawhide and toys with Emerald!

I suspect, though, that Emerald is part pig. Both from the way she eats and because she both snorts and squeals when exploring and/or being picked up.

Now that Emerald is in the house, Ruby has taken to sleeping with Roger. Which is pretty funny given that our last dog, Janis Joplin, took to sleeping with Roger as soon as Ruby was added to the family. Apparently, the young dog sleeps with the old folks in the house while the old dog sleeps with the boy.

Go figure.

Unlike Ruby, Emerald is quite vocal. Unlike Janis, Emerald doesn’t really bark. It is much more of a sing-song kind of thing.

Emerald also hasn’t quite figured out the concept of glass yet, running headlong into the door a few times.

Emerald, The Hearth Ornament Puppy

Emerald’s current favorite place to sleep is on the hearth.

She’ll curl up like a cat, tuck her tail around her body and watch the world go by until she passes out.

Even in the last week, more of her body hangs off the edge than when we first got her.

When you pet her on the hearth, she’ll groan like an old man.

Odd dog. Just the way we like ’em.

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6 Responses to “New Puppy; Emerald!”

  1. annbb says:

    That’s the perfect name! Miss Emerald is a beauty.

  2. Nic Lindh says:

    That is a beautiful dog. Good on you for finding a new family member at a rescue.

  3. Leanna says:

    She’s the cutest thing on earth…I love her!

  4. Sophia says:

    She is so cute…I wish she could have a sleepover at my house!

  5. Jeffrey J Hoover says:

    Who’s a good doggie?

  6. Papa Joe says:

    i object to that characterization of an old man “groaning.”

    i may moan once in a while but not “groan!”

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