Egg-Bot; Advanced Egg Decorations

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This year, we decorated our eggs using Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories’ Egg-Bot.

I picked up the kit from EMSL a few months ago. Roger and I put it together over a few evenings. Software installation is relatively easy (for an X11 app) and usage is quite easy.

The assembly, no surprise for an EMSL kit, was a breeze, with a extremely well written and illustrated assembly manual. Seriously — EMSL kits are the best kits I have ever assembled!

The Egg-Bot can draw on pretty much anything round that is smaller than a tennis ball; eggs of all types, light bulbs, golf balls, Christmas ornaments, and — even — fruit (I used a lemon for test purposes).

The trick is finding a marking instrument that is appropriate to the target surface. For eggs, Sharpies work quite well, but Bic Mark-It markers are too runny.

Precisely, the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers, 5 Colored Markers(37675) works very well. Regular Sharpies do not; too fat. However, EMSL has various accessories available, including an “extra wide” pen holder (ordering that very soon!).

Pencil Test

For test purposes, a pencil works well enough and can generally be erased.

When the Egg-Bot is drawing anything with curves or diagonal lines, it is almost musical in the way the various stepper motors play different tones.

Finding various bits of art proves quite easy. Basically, any random SVG based illustration will work with a bit of scaling and tweaking. Google’s Image Search can narrow the search by file type.

Alternatively, Inkscape uses Python as an extension language and I was able to whip up a programmatic image generator in just a few minutes.

As well, there are some hacks that involve replacing the pen with an engraving tool (a pecker type engraver). Might have to explore that!

Programming? Robots? Assemble something cool with my kid? Produce awesome designs that make the non-technical happy? Infinite repository of art easily searchable? Easy to use? Worth every penny!

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4 Responses to “Egg-Bot; Advanced Egg Decorations”

  1. ssp says:

    What a cool geek toy and what great results!

    The pencil patterns on the lower egg really remind me of traditional easter egg decorations!

  2. ssp says:

    It just came to my mind that the Egg-bot may be a great tool for drawing patterns generated with my Symmetries application. The PDFs it creates seem to be handled by Inkscape just fine.

    I couldn’t find your e-mail address, so just get in touch if you’re interested in trying that and getting a license.

  3. Jyoti Baid says:

    Totally awesome way to decorate eggs!!

  4. Amie Gillingham says:

    I think we seriously need to do this next year. The small son is very interested in robotics…and eggs. This will be right up his alley!

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