3D Printer #2: Printrbot

While I’m looking to the Ultimaker (see my previous post for thoughts on the Ultimaker) (now received– time to start assembly!) as my primary go-to, general purpose, home manufacturing device, I was both interested in a second printer as a platform for experimentation and as a secondary printer for when I need to turn out a bunch of stuff.

Because I wasn’t going to be afraid to modify it, I wanted something pretty cheap. The RepRap platform seems pretty interesting, but it also seems semi-fragile (and feedback on various sites indicates that it is harder to keep aligned than others, though I don’t know how true that really is).

Along came the Printrbot Kickstarter project. I ended up funding that at the $424 level. I’ll use the Ultimaker to print all the plastic parts. The Printrbot is really pretty extraordinary. It is an elegantly simple design, has decent precision and, through its simplicity, is extremely customizable.

Also, the Printrbot story and the whole Kickstarter concept is pretty cool and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to jump in and fund something.

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4 Responses to “3D Printer #2: Printrbot”

  1. PxT says:

    I had the chance to meet Brook and see the printrbot in person last night. It really is a great, simple design. He did a demo assembly of the structural parts in about an hour while he was talking. Certainly much easier than most of the other printers out there right now. He said that he just kinda went offline for a while without looking at the existing bots and thought about how it could be designed better from the ground up.

    I’m in for the full kit, can’t wait to get it!

  2. rollingstone46 says:

    Hey bbum, mind if I pick your brain for a second?

    I’m building my first RGB LED wristwatch. I’m putting them eight by eight, and I got this beautifully colored little carpet. It’s very bright and very mesmerizing. Now I need to introduce a controller so I can move from 8 * 8 (2D) to 8 * 8 * 8 (3D).

    Here’s the sharp end of my question. What controller would you pick? I’m considering using , but there are other solutions, like the .

    Reply void as you wish, of course.


    Stefaan Meeuws

  3. rollingstone46 says:

    Kindly ignore my question on Arduino. I found myself a list on Wikipedia (next), so I can now start comparing RGB LED Controllers on my own time. Sorry for the waste of bandwidth. Really.

    Atmel AVR
    BASIC Atom
    BASIC Stamp
    TI MSP430

    Later man.


    [Editor: No worries — the comment, all comments, are stuck in the approval queue due to spammage issues and, as a result, they sometimes languish for a few days. Glad you figured it out!]

  4. reimer says:

    Cool, I went for the printerbot+ reward and can not wait to get the kit and find the time to put it together. Do you happen to know if it can handle PLA too ?

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