Arduino on Mountain Lion

In my “spare” time (hah!), I hack on Arduino a bit. Mostly because there are tons and tons of 3rd party libraries that make hacking up a hardware solution mostly a bit of soldering followed by gluing together some pre-made software bits. The Arduino IDE is Java based and… well… not terribly awesome (to be fair — it isn’t awful, just quite lacking beyond the basics).

With the release of Mountain Lion, most Arduino installations were broken. Fortunately, this can be fixed by grabbing the latest bits from here and there.

  • Grab the latest for Mac OS X
  • Run it and it’ll insist on installing the latest Java VM. Do so.
  • If you use Teensyduino, grab the latest installer and install it. If Mac OS X (rightly) complains that the software is from an unidentified source and can’t be opened, you can ctrl-click on the installer, select “open” and it will present the option to bypass the security check. Do so, but not without a bit of misgivings.
  • Install the latest FTDI driver.
  • If all went well, you should see the device show up in /dev/ as something like /dev/tty.usbmodem12341.

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    4 Responses to “Arduino on Mountain Lion”

    1. corbin dunn says:

      Hey Bill — I have Xcode setup to do Arduino work. It is great! You get code completion and everything. I had to do a little bit of tweaking to get it to work. I also haven’t upgraded my home machine to Mountain Lion yet (shhh… don’t tell anyone; my internet is just too slow at home).


    2. bbum says:

      Corbin — Woot! Yeah — if I can find a moment to breath, I want to do the same for the latest Xcode on Mountain Lion!

      The Arduino IDE is… lacking.

    3. Ken Anderson says:

      I funded this – pretty cool:

    4. bbum says:

      I funded that, but haven’t had time to play with the software! Looking forward to playing with the full kit.

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