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Eichler: No Walls, On A Slab…. Run The Wires (and Water) On The Roof!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Update: It is raining pretty hard today (Saturday after these photos were taken) and, in fact, the inside of the house is dry. No drips or leaks anywhere (yet — gotta keep an eye on this). Awesome.

What An Eichler Foam Roof Should Look Like

This is what the roof of an Eichler should look like. Or, at least, an Eichler with a foam roof that is a couple of years away from needing recoating.

Aside: Eichler’s, by the way, were a mid century modern design by Joseph Eichler. Mostly post and beam (though not all) with an emphasis on an open floor pan facing the outside with an open to the air atrium in the middle. Sort of Levitt-with-style for the west coast. Eichler owners get Eichler specific spam and there is an entire network of web sites devoted to Eichlers.

Fairly smooth, unbroken, sea of off-whiteness. Reflective. Waterproof. A solid roof over our heads to keep us dry, out of the sun, and warm in the winter (sort of).

Of course, being an Eichler, the roof is much more than just a shelter over the house. Since there are no unbroken walls — just windows — between the walls, almost all electrical and any re-routed plumbing ends up on the roof.

Or, more specifically, in the roof.

Skylights, Vents, Electrical Canals, Oh My!

Thus, as of yesterday morning, my roof looked a lot like the picture at the right.

Big-ass Holes cut everywhere. Electrical conduit canals all over the place.

And wouldn’t you know it! Rain is in the forecast for as soon as tomorrow and most likely on Saturday! Awesome!

Since the original wiring wasn’t really any great shakes, any kind of a remodel — especially a kitchen remodel that involves new appliances — requires moving or replacing much of the wiring.

Which requires cutting through the roof and dropping new conduit into the walls.

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Hole in Pipe? Remodel 1/2 the House!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

At the beginning of the year, we gave our house a colonoscopy to see why the kitchen/laundry drain tended to back up.

It didn’t go well.

Given that we had to rip out the kitchen island to fix the pipe, which required ripping out the tile, and the kitchen electrical was a bit haphazard, and the lighting sucked, and the position of the fridge was in direct conflict with the door to the garage, and the kitchen cabinets were starting to get a bit tired…. and… and…

… well …

… clearly, we might as well rip the kitchen out and fix it. Including changing a couple of walls.

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